After a tragic accident in October 2011 that left me temporarily paralyzed, I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I also had a small stroke and couldn't remember names, I called everyone either Brother or Sister. In return most people call me sister and that's how I came up with Sisters' Organics.


I want to help spread the word that you can eat healthy desserts that are also delicious. In April 2019, Sisters' Organics was born. I use only the finest and all organic ingredients. One taste and I'm sure you'll agree.


I'm predominantly gluten-free, but organic wheat is also available. These are all plant-based, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, and sugar-free. I use agave nectar and coconut sugar due to their low glycemic index properties.


I bless every batch with peace, love and happiness. 


Enjoy your cake, one peace at a time. 

- Cindy Lou


It takes a village. Sisters' Organics is only as strong as its community. The following partners have contributed to our success and growth.


Marketing and logo design.


Business strategy and customer experience design.